Testing Changes for 2003

Starting in the fall of 2003, we are using a new test, the TerraNova Second Edition survey test (published in 2000) replacing the CTBS/4 survey test (published in 1989). The new test is published by the same company, but there differences:

  1. Language Arts Will Be Included. Language Arts will be tested during the morning along with reading and math. The language arts questions are interspersed with the reading questions, but the scores are reported separately. Here are some of the skills tested in the language arts section:
  2. Vocabulary and Math Computation will not be Included. The reading and math questions will be very similar to the Reading Comprehension and Math Computation sections of the old test. We will not be using the Vocabulary or Math Computation subtests which are in the “Basic Skills” supplement.
  3. The Science and Social Studies tests take a bit longer. In the past we have completed testing by 1:30 for those who stay for Science and Social Studies in the afternoon. This year we won’t be done until 1:45.

If you want to prepare your children for the exact test they will face, we recommend the new Scoring High on the TerraNova CTBS which has questions that are modeled on the actual questions on the new test. For fall testing just get the grade level that is just below your child’s grade level. (We have all levels available from 1 to 8.) You will just need to work on Units 1 and 3, since we are not doing the Unit 2 “Basic Skills” subtests. You will definitely need the Teacher’s Guide if you use Level 2 since many of the questions are read aloud to younger students and do not appear in the student book.

If you already have them on hand, you can also use Scoring High on the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills Revised Edition that we sold to help people prepare for the CTBS/4. You will just need to work on Units 3 (Reading Comprehension), 6 (Language Expression), and 8 (Mathematics Concepts and Applications). There are no test preparation materials available for the science and social studies subtests.

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