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PA Homeschoolers 2016 Spring Testing Schedule

When:        Where:
A. Tuesday, March 15, 2016 -- Indiana PA
B. Wednesday, April 6, 2016 -- Harrisburg Area

For Directions, Click on the Location


  • 9:30--12:00 Reading, Language Arts, & Math. (Note: Calculators permitted, but not needed, for 5th grade & up)

    Cost: only $30 per child (plus $3.95 per order) if you preregister postmarked at least one week before the test. You can pay in our online store or send a check. $35 per child at the door.

  • Who  can  Participate: Any  homeschooled  children 3rd  grade  through 12th  grade.

    How to Register: Just send in the form below. You can also register in our
    online store. You can also just show up at the test site, although the cost is $5 more per child ($35 instead of $30). We expect to have lots of extra room and lots of extra tests at every test site. Please try to show up at 9:00 (a half hour early) so that we have time to process your registration. You can find the directions  to the test site by clicking on the location in the list above.

    How Can I Prepare My Child? If you wish to prepare your child you can order the Scoring High on the TerraNova CTBS test preparation materials, when available, from the online store at this website. Level 3 is for 3rd grade in the spring, Level 5 is for 5th,  Level 8 is for 8th.

    If you get these workbooks, you will just need to work on Units 1 and 3, since we are not doing the Unit 2 "Basic Skills" subtests. You will definitely need the Teacherís Guide if you use Level 3 since many of the questions are read aloud to younger students and do not appear in the student book.

    Out of Level Testing Option.If your child is either working above or below grade level, we allow out-of-level testing. Instead of putting his or her actual grade level under "GRADE" when you register, put the grade level of work that he or she is now beginning. Then at the door, ask us to norm the test for the childís actual grade as well.

    Registration Form

    Use this form if you are mailing in your order

    Or Click here to register on-line in our on-line store

    My children will be participating  When__________
    Where _______________________________________

    The following children will be tested:
    Shipping and handling all orders ($3.95)   _$3.95_
    Test registration ($30 per child)                  _______ 
                                                            Total  _______

    Parent's Name _______________________________

    Street  ______________________________________

    Town  _______________________ Zip ___________

    Email ___________ @ ________________________

    Phone  ( ___ )  ___ - ______

    Make checks payable to:
    PA Homeschoolers, 105 Richman LN, Kittanning PA 16201


    Click here for on-line registration in our on-line store

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