Results of April 15, 2015, volleyball tournament sponsored by PA Homeschoolers

The first number is the place that the team finished. In parentheses is the approximate location of the team.

Senior Division A

1. CAVA (Harrisburg Area)
2. Timberwolves Fire (Mercer County)
3. Salt & Light Red (Beaver County)
4. Eagles White (Indiana County)
5. Timberwolves Ice (Mercer County)
6. Shore Servers A (Lycoming County)

Senior Division B

1. Tippers (Lycoming County)
2. Shore Servers B1 (Lycoming County)
3. Salt & Light Orange (Beaver County)
4. Eagles Gold (Indiana County)
5. Timberwolves Lightning (Mercer County)
6. Eagles Green (Indiana County)
7. Timberwolves Storm (Mercer County)
8. Salt & Light Yellow (Beaver County)
9. Timberwolves Avalanche (Mercer County)
10. Shore Servers B2 (Lycoming County)

Junior Division A

1. Shore Servers A (Lycoming County)
2. Timberwolves Hurricane (Mercer County)
3. Salt & Light Green (Beaver County)
4. Eagles Blue (Indiana County)
5. CAVA A (Harrisburg Area)
6. Timberwolves Tornado (Mercer County)

Junior Division B

1. Shore Servers B1 (Lycoming County)
2. Eagles Red (Indiana County)
3. Salt & Light Blue (Beaver County)
4. Eagles Orange (Indiana County)
5. Shore Servers B2 (Lycoming County)
6. CAVA B (Harrisburg Area)
7. Timberwolves Blizzard (Mercer County)
8. Timberwolves Thunder (Mecer County)

All Tournament Team - Senior Division

All Tournament Team - Junior Division

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