Results of April 13 2009, Central PA volleyball tournament sponsored by PA Homeschoolers

The first number is the place that the team finished. In parentheses is the approximate location of the team.

Senior Division A

1. Snypers A (Snyder County)
2. Catalyst 1 (Bucks & Montgomery Counties)
3. CHESS Masters (Harrisburg, East Shore)
4. PAC Pacers (Perry County)
5. Mustangs A (Pittsburgh, East Suburbs)
6. Teamworkz Turbo (Manheim Area)
7. TNT Element (Harrisburg, West Shore)
8. CHESS Arakihcats (Harrisburg, East Shore)

Senior Division B

1. Snypers B (Snyder County)
2. Salt & Light Red (Beaver Falls)
3. CAVA (Harrisburg, West Shore)
4. Catalyst 2 (Bucks & Montgomery Counties)
5. PAC Action (Perry County)
6. Petra (New Holland Area)
7. Teamworkz Thunder (Manheim Area)
8. Mustangs B (Pittsburgh, East Suburbs)
9. Air Raiders Power (Berks County)
10. CHESS Blackout (Harrisburg, West Shore)

Senior Division C

1. TNT Destroyers (Harrisburg, West Shore)
2. Hot Peppers (Delaware County)
3. Salt & Light Orange (Beaver Falls)
4. Hot Tamales (Delaware County)
5. Catalyst 3 (Bucks & Montgomery Counties)
6. Catalyst 4 (Bucks & Montgomery Counties)
7. Indiana Eagles (Indiana County)
8. World Changers (Boyertown Area)

Junior Division A

1. Salt & Light Green (Beaver Falls)
2. CHESS Raptors (Harrisburg, East Shore)
3. PAC Attack (Perry County)
4. Mustangs A (Pittsburgh, East Suburbs)

Junior Division B

1. TNT Blast (Harrisburg, West Shore)
2. CHESS Express (Harrisburg, East Shore)
3. CAVA B (Harrisburg, West Shore)
4. Rockville Lightning (Honeybrook Area)
5. Mustangs B (Pittsburgh, East Suburbs)
6. Snypers B (Snyder County)
7. Salt & Light Blue (Beaver Falls)
8. Petra (New Holland Area)

Junior Division C

1. Indiana Eagles (Indiana County)
2. Rockville Hornets (Honeybrook Area)
3. Cava C (Harrisburg, West Shore)
4. CHESS Smashers (Harrisburg, East Shore)
5. PAC PA (Perry County)
6. Salt & Light Purple (Beaver Falls)
7. TNT Sparks (Harrisburg, West Shore)

All Tournament Team - Senior Division

All Tournament Team - Junior Division

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