Results of March 17, 2007, Central PA volleyball tournament sponsored by PA Homeschoolers

(Tournament was rescheduled from March 16 because of snow.)

The first number is the place that the team finished. In parentheses is the approximate location of the team.

Senior Division A

1. Mustangs (Pittsburgh, East Suburbs)
2. CHESS Masters (Harrisburg, East Shore)
3. Snypers A1 (Snyder and Perry Counties)
4. Snypers A2 (Snyder and Perry Counties)
5. TNT Zone (Harrisburg, West Shore)
6. CAVA Aftershock (Harrisburg, West Shore)

Senior Division B

1. Teamworkz (Manheim Area)
2. Petra (Lancaster County)
3. CHESS Arakihcats (Harrisburg, East Shore)
4. Mustangs B (Pittsburgh, East Suburbs)

Senior Division C

1. Snypers B (Snyder & Perry Counties)
2. Salt & Light (Beaver Falls)
3. PAC Vipers (Perry County)
4. CAVA B1-Bombers (Harrisburg, West Shore)

Junior Division A

1. CHESS Raptors (Harrisburg, East Shore)
2. Mustangs A (Pittsburgh, East Suburbs)
3. Snypers A (Snyder & Perry Counties)
4. Cava Crew-saders (Harrisburg, West Shore)
5. PAC Force (Perry County)

Junior Division B

1. Salt & Light Green (Beaver Falls)
2. Snypers B (Snyder County)
3. TNT Blast (Harrisburg, West Shore)
4. Petra (Lancaster County)
5. CHESS Team Caffeine (Harrisburg, East Shore)
6. Mustangs B (Pittsburgh, East Suburbs)
7. PAC Ice (Perry County)

Junior Division C

1. CHESS Smashers (Harrisburg, East Shore)
2. Snypers C (Snyder & Perry Counties)
3. Cava Fire (Harrisburg, West Shore)
4. Salt & Light Yellow (Beaver Falls)
5. TNT Sparks (Harrisburg, West Shore)

All Tournament Team - Senior Division

All Tournament Team - Junior Division

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