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The Great Paper Chase
Cassandra Frear, 1/29/2010

"Our two greatest problems are gravity and paper work. We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paper work is overwhelming."
- Dr Wember von Braun,
quoted from Time Management for Unmanageable People

Where is the school room in your house? Are you happy with it? Does it work well for all of the things you and your children do? Does it tend to be messy? Can you find things when you want them?
If you are like us and most of our friends, homeschooling is messy. We had a grandmother who would stop by for visits and poke her head into our school room....


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Writing Club ideas-- and a first 'Writing Assignment'
Susan Richman, 1/28/2010

I’ve been leading a monthly homeschoolers’ Writing Club for years and years and years—it was a mainstay of our homeschooling program with all four of our kids, and I’ve loved continuing on with a wonderful group of younger homeschoolers since I began ‘empty nesting’ 4 ½  years ago. Why do I love Writing Clubs?? Many reasons…

  • Writing Club gave my kids a real audience beyond just me. Now, I was a pretty decent ‘audience’, but you know how moms can be… we start immediately nitpicking over stupid spelling errors (or a complete dismissal of punctuation protocols…). Or maybe our kids just don’t ‘believe’ our opinions about their work. Or maybe if they are only writing for us, it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth much. My joke whenever I give talks on homeschoolers and writing is....


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Welcome to our new online PA Homeschoolers magazine!
Susan Richman, 1/27/2010

Welcome to the opening of our newly expanded online PA Homeschoolers magazine! This is a new adventure for us, growing out of our over 25 years of publishing our quarterly print magazine Pennsylvania Homeschoolers. We’re grateful to have you as a reader—and hope you’ll come back daily to read more. And we hope you’ll email your friends to check us out here, too!

Why are we transitioning to a fully online magazine? Many reasons—first, we can offer this service for free, as we will no longer have the always escalating printing and mailing and time costs involved with a 32-page print magazine. We all know that most of us are now much more likely to browse about on a website or favorite blog than subscribe to a print magazine—it’s the special...


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