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Pennsylvania Wildlife Leadership Academy-- looking for teens for summer residential programs!
Michelle Kittell, 11/30/2010

Editor's Note from Susan Richman:  I know so many homeschoolers who really love learning about the outdoors and the varied animals of Pennsylvania-- I think of all the homeschoolers who took part recently in the first day of buck season, or all those studying hard all year with their Envirothon teams, or the kids who love to go backpacking and hiking in our wonderful wilderness areas all over the state, or the students I know who've helped with bird-banding projects and other research at Powdermill Nature Reserve, or those who've entered the annual Duck Stamp art contest, or those who love to take nature photos. So I was delighted to get this notice from the Pennsylvania Institute for Conservation Education (PICE), about two summer week-long programs offered for PA high schoolers-- and homeschoolers are of course welcome! Weeklong programs like this are also a great way for homeschool teens to get a first 'away from home' learning experience-- our own kids felt very ready for longer summer academic programs away from home after first doing a couple of weeklong residential programs like this. And often the mentors and teachers in programs like this will be happy to write needed recommendation letters when a student is applying to further programs or to college-- and most importantly students will have a unique opportunity to learn from real experts in the field, and then to develop their own project to carry on back in their own community. We'd love to hear from any students who earn the opportunity to take part! And even if your kids might be too young to take part in these programs, check out the organization's website-- they have a very fine free online magazine on naturalist studies in Pennsylvania, and they even welcome wildlife artwork submissions or articles from students. Some fine opportunities! See www.PICEweb.org

The Wildlife Leadership Academy is seeking youth from across the state interested in wildlife and conservation to participate in weeklong field school programs this summer. 
Participants study with top wildlife biologists and managers in the state and through the program are empowered to become ambassadors for conservation, completing service and leadership projects in their home communities throughout the year....


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Taking part in the 'Baby, Think it Over' program-- as a homeschooler!
Kiki Levine, 11/23/2010

Many of you may have heard about programs, usually offered in schools, where students are given life-like babydolls that they must 'care' for as if they were real infants. I was delighted to find that homeschool families can now take part in this activity, too. We welcome Kiki Levine to Pennsylvania, and hope she shares about further activities of her family and their active hands-on learning! -- Susan Richman, Editor PA Homeschoolers

We are a new homeschool family to Monroeville that has recently participated in a very unique program called "Baby, Think It Over".   The program uses baby simulators to educate teens about the life of teen parenting.  We have always been concerned about teen pregnancy and were thrilled to have been told about this program being offered to homeschool families by www.HomeSchoolBabies.com.... 


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Top Ten Things Not to Say to a Home Schooling Parent
Carol Fielding, 11/19/2010

Carol Fielding is a long-term homeschooling mom of three wonderful daughters, a happily married wife, and a free-lance writer, leaving in northwestern PA-- her writing on household organization will be included in a book to be published this fall from Revell. I know Carol from working with her on setting up our Corry PA testing site each fall-- and I was delighted to learn she just started up her own blog at http://livingtheblessing.wordpress.com . I hope you check it out regularly! Carol gave us permission to reprint this wonderful entry-- thanks, Carol!-- Susan Richman, Editor, PA Homeschoolers

When doing the research for this blog, I asked a number of home schooling parents to share with me the things people have said to them when they mentioned that they home school.  The response was overwhelming, and for a while I thought I might have to turn this into a top twenty!  I even received some responses from kids and teenagers about what people have said directly to them.  Keep in mind that the top ten list contains actual real-life comments–none are made up.

If you aren’t a home schooling parent, you may not at first understand the implications of each comment on the top ten list.  However, as a socially responsible individual, it behooves you to read the list, and the following explanation of each item, if only for the purpose of educating yourself.  I hope the result of this list will be three-fold: Firstly, that home schooling parents everywhere will get a chuckle and, secondly, realize they are not alone.  Thirdly, that those who don’t home school recognize that their comments, while possibly well-meaning, run the gamut from not very nice to just plain mean and/or ignorant of home schooling in general.

So, here we go, in typical David Letterman fashion:

The Top Ten Things Not to Say to A Home Schooling Parent

10.  “I’d shoot myself if I had to spend that much time with my kids!”....


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A Day in the Life of an AP Calculus Online Student....
Susan Gilleran, 11/18/2010

Susan Gilleran has been leading a highly successful and motivating AP Calculus class online with PA Homeschoolers for 5 years-- and she just keeps getting better at this! She has a BS and secondary teaching certificate in Mathematics from Wayne State University, and an MBA from Lawrence Technological University. She taught high school mathematics before moving to the business world at Ford Motor Company for 30 years where she was an Information Technology Manager. In this article, Susan lets you in on what a typical day for one of her online homeschool students might be like. Hope this helps you gain a greater sense of all the varied ways of learning that can be involved in one of our AP Online classes-- and we'll have similar 'Day in the Life' features on our other AP Online classes. Hope this helps you decide if this class-- or other of our AP Online classes for bright homeschoolers-- will be a good fit for your student. Check out Susan Gilleran's full course description at the link to our AP Online classes.

Let’s see, what should I do to start my day off today? I think I’ll sign on to the AP Calculus classroom site to see what Mrs. Gilleran has in store for us today. I’ll click on the ASSIGNMENTS page and then on the Comments for today. When I’m done reading the Comments I’ll check out the ASSIGNMENTS page to view the videos for today, if there are any, or visit any sites that might be posted.

I’ll download any relevant documents or a test if we’re having one. Then I’ll copy down the assignment for today and download the solutions to examples of the problems in today’s homework. That document also has the step by step solutions to all of the homework problems....


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