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AP English Literature and AP English Language.... new ways to think about these courses
Lilianna Serbicki, 5/30/2012

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: We're so grateful to have our former AP student Lilianna Serbicki now teaching with us in our AP Online program, leading both AP English Literature and AP English Language. She's been a true natural teacher, working with real enthusiasm and dedication and creativity-- all while also being a wonderful 'new mom' to her darling little son Luke.  Enjoy learning here about some of her unique ways of actively engaging her online students!          

 Studying Literature and Language can become a passive activity; memorizing terms does not mean you understand or relish them. My goal in both AP English Language and AP English Literature has been to help students pursue knowledge and creativity in an active manner. I provide these opportunities by offering optional creative fiction assignments, hosting live IM chats, and featuring an online “Dinner Party” analysis project. 
            The primary objective of both AP English Language and AP English Literature is to provide students with the skill and knowledge they need to be successful on exam day. However, their English experience will not end that day; they will go on to complete college courses and have a variety of other educational experiences. The creative flexibility that they encounter in AP Language and Literature is just as valuable as the specific AP Exam prep. Real life is not limited to filling in circles!
            One of the main interactive activities in my AP classes is the spring Dinner Party project. In AP English Language, I spoke as C. S. Lewis, inviting students (each in their own persona) to join me for lively “dinner and discussion” at “my” Oxford home, the Kilns. In reality, this discussion took place on a web forum that the students could access at any point during “Dinner Party week”. My guests included Patrick Henry, Martin Luther King, Jr., characters from Animal Farm, Jonathan Swift, and Marcus Brutus from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. We discussed social, political and philosophical issues adapted from previous AP Free Response questions. This was an excellent way for students to....


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Thomas Forstmeier of Bellfonte gets US Naval Academy Appointment
Howard Richman, 5/20/2012

Congratulations to Thomas Forestmeier of Bellefonte. He received an appointment to the US Naval Academy from his Congressman Rep. Glenn Thompson. The Centre Daily Times reported on May 15, 2012:

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson recently announced the fully qualified appointment of Thomas Forstmeier, of Bellefonte, to the U.S. Naval Academy. Forstmeier, a son of Kenneth and Elizabeth Forstmeier, will join the Academy as a member of the Class of 2016.

Forstmeier was home-schooled throughout high school and excelled in Advanced Placement courses and was nominated for the National Merit Scholarship Program. In his senior year, he entered dual enrollment at Penn State, studying calculus and economics....


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  • AP English Literature and AP English Language.... new ways to think about these courses
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