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"And What Did You Do Last Summer?"
Jeannette Webb, 6/15/2012

Jeannette Webb is founder of Aiming Higher Consultants, a high school planning and college consulting firm dedicated to helping homeschooled students reach their potential and successfully apply to their dream colleges.  Learn more at aiminghigherconsultants.com. Jeannette was the (wonderful!) keynote speaker at last year's PHAA High School at Home Conference, sharing her many years of wisdom and perspective. 

Photo of Evan Chow, homeschool 2012 grad and student in many PA Homeschoolers AP Online classes-- Evan's family has appreciated working with Jeannette Webb during the college admissions process.... and Evan looks forward to attending Princeton this fall!

This query usually surprises students when it appears during a college interview or on a college application.  While it appears to be a fairly trivial inquiry, it is a loaded question. You see, how we spend our time when we have the freedom to make a choice provides great insight.   Your answer speaks volumes about who you are and what you value. 


It is not my intent to make you nervous about interviews or applications and read more into them than is there, but to underscore the importance of your summer choices.  Admissions officers do not have a list of things they expect you to do, rather they are looking to see if you have spent your time well, if you are an interesting person, and if you would make a good contribution to their campus. 


What are some good uses of your time during the hot days of summer?  Well, it really depends on who you are.  It is not necessary that your summer be jam packed (and I heartily suggest that it not be), but you do need to pursue meaningful things.  Here are a few hints:


  • Do something substantial – playing video games or watching movies or hanging out with friends for days on end might be fun, but won’t help you get into a good college.  Choose something that will change....


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PHAA mentioned in excellent homeschooling article in The Philadelphia Tribune
Howard Richman, 6/4/2012

Michael Robinson wrote an excellent article about homeschooling that appeared on May 11 in the Philadelphia Tribune (Home-Schooling Grows More Popular). Here is what he wrote about PHAA:

Dr. Howard B. Richman, founder/executive director of Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency (PHAA), hosts an annual conference in Carlisle that consistently draws several hundred home school parents seeking legal information, textbooks, curricula, supplies, workshops and student panel presentations to equip and edify novice and experienced homeschooling families. Certified home education evaluators also attend PHAA’s annual conference, “(The evaluators) serve as guidance counselors to the families that they (serve),” said Richman.

“(PHAA) is first of the home school organizations recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to give diplomas to graduates of home education programs,” said Richman, who founded PHAA in 1991. Dr. Richman and his wife, Susan, have homeschooled all their children. One son, Jesse, is an associate professor at Old Dominion University while another son, Jacob, is a programmer for Google. A daughter, Molly, is a mother and teacher of advance placement English in Israel while another daughter, Hannah, is an artist and she works at a synagogue in Boston and she is a graduate of Brandeis University.

According to Dr. Richman, “The biggest advantage of home schooling is that you get a closer family out of (the experience).”

The whole article is worth reading. Just click on the link below:



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