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A new *student-run* website to help AP students-- started by students in our PA Homeschoolers AP Online classes!
Susan Richman, 7/23/2012

PA Homeschoolers has been offering a full series of AP© (Advanced Placement) online classes for many years now-- and one very special blessing of this endeavor is to see the sense of community that many of the students find through learning together and supporting one another in these classes. Most classes are highly interactive, including ways for students to comment on one another's submitted work, read and get inspired by major projects, join in small study groups or online study times, work collaboratively during review times and for special activities, and much more. Kids become good friends with their fellow AP students-- and often choose their next year's classes based in part upon what their new AP friends will be taking. And it's a true delight each year to host our annual AP Party here at our farm in Western PA. 

Lots of our AP Online students from a variety of classes all getting together for our AP End-of-Year Party we hold at our farm in Kittanning PA every Memorial Day Weekend-- this is Shabbat Dinner in our barn! 

In this spirit, I was delighted to receive the following email from one of our AP Online students this spring, sharing about the new open-to-the-public website, called STUDI, that she and several AP course friends had developed: 

I am a student in PA Homeschooler’s AP English Language and Composition class (one of the best classes I have ever taken!).  I recently spoke with Mrs. Inspecktor about a website called STUDI that I and a few other students from other PA homeschooler classes started, and she suggested that I pass the information on to you. 

Just over a year ago, five other Pa Homeschooler Advanced Placement students and myself  realized that we needed a place that we could all connect and come together to discuss, socialize, and support each other. I’m sure, as you know, for homeschoolers, taking AP classes can be a lonely endeavor.  Basically, we needed something so that we could support each other, even while being thousands of miles away. 

We decided to begin a website called Students Thoroughly Understanding Difficult ideas, STUDI.  Here we created individual wikis for 16 of the AP’s that College Board offers, as well as 6 subject specific sites. 

Over the past year, STUDI remained it its beta form.  Recently, we took it live and announced it on the Well-Trained Mind boards in a brief post.  The post was met with a great response—we received views from 185 people....


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Still time to sign up for the July 13, 2012 PHAA High School at Home Conference! Located in Carlisle PA, right off PA Turnpike!
Susan Richman, 7/10/2012

You can still register for PHAA's (Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency) 17th Annual High School at Home Conference on Friday, July 13, 2012, from 9AM to 5PM at the Hotel Carlisle (formerly Embers) on Route 11 just North of Turnpike and I81. This conference is for parents, homeschooled students, and evaluators.

The theme for this year's conference is: Taking Stock and Taking Initiative—Creating a Positive Homeschooling Atmosphere. We hope you can join us and get recharged for homeschooling throughout the high school years ahead. The registration fee of $39.95 includes a wonderful buffet luncheon. 

The Keynote Speaker this year will be PHAA Board member (and AP Psychology online teacher) Bonnie Gonzalez, speaking about: Family Dynamics: Helping it Work for you in High School at Home  

There will be 5 workshop sessions, with three to four choices each session-- you're sure to find topics of good interest, from learning about the PHAA diploma program, hearing from many of our AP Online teachers, gaining ideas on foreign language learning, and writing for many varied purposes for high schoolers (from joining the student staff of the PHAA student newsletter, to learning about 'creative non-fiction', to setting goals for writing in high school, to getting ideas for writing a college application essay that works!).

You'll even hear from a Gettysburg Tour Guide (who's also a homeschool dad!) about how he got into his present line of work-- and gain a sense of how to decide what direction you want to move for your future! (And yes, he'll show you some neat Civil War stuff too!

Learn about getting in the running for possible merit scholarships for college, why and how to include foreign travel into your homeschooling goals, and high tech careers of the future. You can even explore Life After Homeschooling-- Are we really preparing our kids for their future? You'll hear about ways to use a wide range of outside teachers and classes and tutors and resources to help you out when you don't feel confident to teach a particular subject yourself (or when you realize your teen just need to work with someone besides mom or dad sometimes!).

So, join us at the PHAA High School at Home Conference this coming Friday-- it's not too late to register! And we can take 'registrants at the door', too. 

Parents: Gain the courage to homeschool through high school! This conference will help you with the information and vision that you need to prepare your children and yourself for their future and recharge.... 


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