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For info on MATHCOUNTS a wonderful coaching and competition program for junior high students, including homeschoolers. Lots to do right on line!

Keystone National High School

For info on an excellent and very well-organized correspondence high school program, check out the Keystone National High School Web Page.

College Board Web Site

All the info you need about college testing with the SAT exam, admissions, financial aid, the Advanced Placement program, and MUCH more:

Financial Aid Web Site

Full info on financial aid, including VERY valuable info on scholarship scams, plus a full and FREE scholarship search option.

Vicatoria Wright's Homeschooling Guide at the Mining Company

Home of the Homeschool Top 5% Awards-- lots of links

Math Olympiad for Elementary & Middle Schools

This site will give you all the info you need to take part in the WONDERFUL Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools problem-solving competition. Homeschoolers have been forming teams and taking part for the last ten years, and all have found it a wonderful opportunity to really stretch their math abilities and see a whole new world of math beyond the standard text. Makes math learning for homeschoolers a social and fun time also, as you get together to prepare for and take the monthly competition sets.

HIGHLY recommended!!! Sample problems included on the site, so you can try out your skills. These problems, btw, are VERY similar to math work done by students in Japan in their regular coursework-- so if you are interested in having your kids do worldclass math, join the Math Olympiad! I've also found that these problems are a GREAT preparation for kids who want to take part in MATHCOUNTS and also for the College Board SAT I math sections.

Susan Richman

PBS Website

This is a fabulous website to help in so many curriculum areas. You'll find lesson plans to use with PBS video specials in history, geography, science, and more. Almost every program has a detailed website section. Well worth checking out, especially for parents with secondary level students at home.

National Geographic-- Geography Bee Info

Wondering how to take part in the annual Geography Bee for students in grades 4-8?? Here's the info you need, right on the National Geographic Society's webpage. Just click on the link to the Geo Bee, and learn what's needed. Also full info on their new high school (9th-12th grade) Geography Research Project competition.

An especially fun part of the Geo Bee section is a daily set of five questions kids can use to quiz themselves-- and you can get to previous questions easily too. Great for geo review! Homeschoolers have been doing fabulously in the Geography Bee each year-- do your part to get your kids geographically literate and aware of the world around us... and take your home geography program far beyond just memorizing 'states and capitals'.


National Spelling Bee

Find out info on the National Spelling Bee, and learn how to get ready to particpate. Homeschool groups are welcome to participate in this program, and in 1998 there were about 20 homeschool students at the National Competition last year. Great links to helps for spelling, too-- lots of fun!

Link to PA Department of Education

This is the REAL link to the PA Department of Education website. Has lots of info that may be of interest to homeschoolers-- including info on PA Governor's Schools of Excellence for high school students (summer programs). Lots on all the state education reform initiative, and more.

Homeschooling Links and More

This website of good links was put together by PA homeschool parent Eileen McGarvey. A great first place to look for sites of interest to homeschooling parents, especially Christian homeschoolers and folks who are conservative politically. Thanks Eileen!

Homeschool Digest Website

This is the website for Homeschool Digest Magazine. Lots of good and helpful info and insight. From a Christian perspective.

Learn about Video Courses from Annenberg/CPB

This is a TERRIFIC site full of info about all of the many courses available for purchase through Annenberg/CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting). You'll find more info on the courses we rent out-- French in Action, Destinos (Spanish), The World of Chemistry, and The Mechanical Universe (Physics). Many of the courses have links to related sites, and some actually have some on-line teaching components available. Well worth checking out!!

Individualized Help with Writing

This is one extraordinary site, really showing the power of the Internet to teach effectively. This company,, has been created to help homeschoolers (and public school students, and college students...) improve their writing through very focused responses to a student's submitted writing. The very reasonable fee of $12.95 for a written consultation will be well worth it for writers of all ages-- the three sample letters of evaluation shown on the website really indicate quality responses and insightful teaching. These people *really* understand what quality writing is all about-- both the needed mechanics, and most importantly, the real tasks faced by writers as they strive to improve their work. I most highly recommend this site.

There is also a free and *excellent* lesson right on line about how to write a critical English essay-- and they really help students understand *how* to write such a piece. It should be in every homeschoolers' portfolio, as the ideas are so helpful and clear, with many apt examples that really bring to life what the writers are getting at.

Clearly a unique and worthwhile website-- one that will really serve the homeschooling community well.

Susan Richman

Used Books online from Educator's Exchange

Educator's Exchange is a used book store for home educators. You are able to search and browse their entire used book inventory online. They will buy used books.

  • Used books on line

    Social Studies School Service

    This is a link to a very big social studies company that has one *terrific* website. They regularly offer links to help students explore various themes and unit study ideas. And be sure to ask for their catalogs-- some of the best in the business! Especially great for varied geography materials, high school history, and more. The company is also related to Zenger Media and The Writing Company, and this website will have links to those divisions also-- these feature all sorts of wonderful literature ideas and materials and links. Really fun site to spend a *good* bit of time with. You can also sign up for a regular update email newsletter, which lets you know about their latest links and features on their sites.

    Check it out! Susan Richman

    This site has free worksheets you can download and print out, apparently in all subject areas.

    "Free educational worksheets to print or save, math, phonics, science, kindness to animals, social studies, geography, thinking skills and more."

    Check it out and see what is useful for your family.

    Susan Richman

    Fastaid Scholarship Search

    This is the largest private sector scholarship database

    Letters About Literature Competition

    This is a terrific annual competition sponsored by Weekly Reader and the Center for the Book of the Library of Congress. Great for helping students find a new way to do a 'book report'-- the format of the contest is that students are to write a letter to an author of a book that has really affected them. *Excellent* guidelines and helps online to really make this a fine learning experience, with many examples of winning entries and exercises to help students understand what they should be aiming for.

    Both of our daughters, Hannah and Molly, have been national top-ten finalists in this competition, and several others from our Writing Club have earned Honorable Mention awards-- so real kids really can do well in this one! Really worthwhile to do though even without winning-- as the format really makes you think about your book in a new way. *Highly* recommended!

    Reviewed by Susan Richman

    Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Competition

    This is a wonderful annual competition for all students in grades 7 thru 12, with a full range of both visual arts categories and writing options. Considered one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind, with both regional and national awards. A number of homeschool students in Pennsylvania have done very well at regional levels in the writing categories. Good guidelines for what is expected, and lots of excellent samples of winning student entries right online, making this a real competition to learn from.

    Highly recommended! Reviewed by Susan Richman

    Presidential Sports Fitness Awards

    Here you are competing against just one person-- yourself. You'll be working to meet a goal of putting in on average about 50 hours in a fitness activity over a four month period. You can choose from a full range of sports and fitness categories-- over 50 different areas to consider! A great way for the whole family to work on improving their fitness for the long haul. Lots of homeschooling families in PA have found this program a real encouragement and help in developing a better physical education program at home. Especially good for those families who might not take part in typical community sports programs.

    Reviewed by Susan Richman

    Virtual Univ-- PA State System of Higher Education

    This links you to a consortium project offered by Millersville University of PA, Shippensburg University of PA, and West Chester University of PA. Virtual University offers a series of quality college-level distance courses and welcomes high school homeschoolers to take part. Courses are planned to encourage interactive among student participants, and full college credit will be received at completion of the course.

    Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

    Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (formerly Western Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School), sponsored by the Midland School District (Beaver County) and authorized by the Midland School District, founded during the 2000-2001 school year, enrolls students throughout the state for kindergarten through grade 12 and offers many curriculum options including: (1) a dual college enrollment program that offers college level courses to qualified high school student either on campus or online and (2) a virtual classroom where you sit at your desk at our home, put on a headset with a microphone and participate in a classroom with a teacher and other students, and (3) various distance learning options including Calvert School, University of Missouri, and Keystone National High School.

    21st Century Cyber Charter School

    21st Century Cyber Charter School, based in Exton (Chester County) was founded by four intermediate units (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery). It enrolls high school and middle school students.

    Pennsylvania Learners Online Regional Cyber Charter School

    PA Learners Online Regional Cyber Charter School is sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (Allegheny County). It offers the Passkey (Prescriptive Learning for Individual Needs) curriculum in all grades (kindergarten through 12) or, alternatively, Calvert School (K-3), Compass Learning (4-8), and (9-12).

    Susquehanna Cyber-Charter School

    Susquehanna Cyber-Charter School, is the oldest of the cyber-charter schools in Pennsylvania. It has been serving students in grades 9-12 in Union, Northumberland, Snyder, Montour, and Columbia Counties. To enroll, you first meet with the guidance counselor at your local public school.

    Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School

    Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School, headquartered in Norristown, is a cyber-charter school that uses Bill Bennett's K12 curriculum (

    Colleges accepting homeschoolers

    This is an encouraging site detailing colleges that have accepted homeschooled students. Lots of good info and links to each college's website.

    National History Day

    This is an excellent competition, open to all public and private and homeschooled students in middle school and high school. Involves creating a major project or research paper related in some way to a yearly theme. Competition progresses from the regional to state and national levels. Particularly well-suited to those families who like to organize studies around major research projects in history.

    PA Statistics Poster Competition

    This is a nifty contest for kids K-12 (divided into grade categories) to explore ways to show data graphically and meaningfully in a poster. A great website with lots of terrific examples of winning posters from previous years. Let's get a homeschooler winner soon!

    Practical Homeschooling Magazine and Big Book of Home Learning

    The most visited homeschool site in the world, this is the official website of Practical Homeschooling magazine and The Big Book of Home Learning.

    Hundreds of how-to articles, curriculum links, homeschool group listings by state and country, listings of upcoming homeschool events, news, and more.

    Large selection of forums, some run by experts, some on special purpose topics (e.g., military homeschoolers, special needs, foreign homeschoolers, etc.). New features continue to be added.

    This is one of the very best places to gain sound info on writing for your kids. Lots of excellent FREE ideas and articles and worksheets for students, plus detailed info on their Writing Tutorials. PA Homeschoolers is also now able to offer you a discount on registering for these one-month and 3-month tutorials-- see our online STORE for registration info and pricing.

    Especially take a look at the sample email dialogues between actual WriteGuide tutors and homeschool students as they work together to help the student work through a major piece of writing-- you'll be amazed to see a student's writing go from a barebones idea to a final finished piece of lively writing that really makes a point.

    HIGHLY recommended!!!!

    Central Pennsylvania Digital Learning Foundation

    This cyber-charter school, founded by the Altoona Intermediate Unit during the 2002-2003 school year, offers homeschoolers a choice between curricula between Calvert (K-8), K12 (K-7), and Florida Virtual (9-12).

    Ready for sports in college??

    This site shares info on playing sports in college, and the measures student athletes need to take to be ready for scholarships, etc. Goes over the rules-- which can be especially confusing for homeschoolers to figure out! Lots of good info, even for the student who just might want to know about more informal sports opportunities on campus. Recommended by PHEAA.

    Congressional Award Program

    This program seems tailor made for homeschoolers! Students pursue challenging self-designed goals in four areas:

    personal fitness

    community service

    personal development

    expedition or exploration

    The Congressional Award is a public-private partnership created by Congress to provide a unique opportunity for young people ages 14-23 to set and achieve personally challenging goals that build character and foster community service, personal development, and citizenship. Established in 1979 under Public Law 96-114, the Congressional Award Foundation does not receive any federal funding. All funds necessary to run the program come from the private sector.

    The Congressional Award is non-competitive and open to all young Americans regardless of mental or physical challenges, or socioeconomic status. It is the first and only award for youth legislated by the U. S. Congress. Through this award, the U.S. Congress looks to honor and encourage volunteer public service and recognize the unsung and important accomplishments of young Americans throughout the United States.

    Homeschoolers have successfully taken part in this program-- I even personally know one teen from Idaho who is about to send in her final materials for her Gold Award (the highest level award in the program).

    Students work with an adult advisor overseeing their goal-setting and follow-thru activities. This advisor may NOT be a parent-- just like in PA a parent cannot serve a a home education evaluator.

    Full info on all aspects of the program, including very inspiring examples of actual student achievements, right on the website

    GED online Preparation

    This site helps student prepare effectively to take the new GED exam. It offers practice tests online, email support and help, and guidance in all areas of GED study. Ideal for homeschoolers preparing to take this very valid route to a high school credential. Especially recommended for those coming to homeschooling late in the high school years, or those who may be older than usual for their grade level who want to earn their credential in a timely way.

    Looks excellent!

    Gifted Resource Center

    This site has a comprehensive data base of fasinating competitions, awards, special programs, talent searches, and more, all suitable for gifted students of all ages. Very worthwhile!

    Homeschool Math Site

    This is a comprehensive site with many excellent FREE math activities -- including a full online text that teaches all basic math needed thru 5th grade level. Links to lots of terrific and engaging math sites, plus reviews of all major math curriculum used by homeschoolers. Well worth the stop!

    Commonwealth Connections Academy

    Commonwealth Connections Academy is a cyber-charter school that is managed by a subsidiary of Sylvan Learning Centers and uses an online version of the Calvert School curriculum. For more information you can call 800-382-6010 or visit the Connections Academy website.

    C-MITES Enrichment program for K-9 students

    A number of homeschoolers have already found out about the C-MITES program-- this acronym stands for the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary Students. Programs offered by C-MITES include weekend and summer classes for academically talented students in grades K-9, above-level testing for third through sixth graders, and information sessions for parents. Scholarships for these programs are available for those in need.

    A lot of information about our programs is disseminated through schools. We would like to ensure, however, that students who are homeschooled are also aware of the programs that we offer.

    C-MITES Talent Search director Dan Rosenberg hopes to hear from more homeschoolers in the near future, as these enrichment programs can be ideal for homeschoolers with bright children ready for creative and innovative hi-tech programs.

    Pennsylvania Home School Basketball Association site

    Learn how your homeschool group in PA can start a basketball program and take part in regional and statewide tournaments. Network with others interested in promoting homeschool basketball in the state!

    Math Problem Solving helps and online program

    Homeschoolers especially interested in challenging math problem solving and preparation for enriching math competitions will love this site. Here is a message received recently from site originator, Richard Rusczyk. Richard loved taking part in various math competitions when in high school and college, and has been really motivated to help and encourage others in broadening the scope of their math curriculums to include real math discussion, writing, advanced problem solving techniques, and more.

    The site will give you really thought-provoking articles to read (there's one on 'avoiding the calculus trap' which encourages able math students to *broaden* their problem-solving abilities rather than just race through the standard curriculum at a faster pace...), free math forums for discussion of problem solving, posted problems and solutions. AND there are MATH COURSES for problem solving, suitable for strong middle school and high school students-- and you can see if you are ready for these by taking their online pretests. Homeschoolers will also love the format, as they offer flexible 6 and 12-week courses that will enrich your year without taking it over completely-- though judging from the glowing 'testimonials' on the site, kids readily ask for more after taking one course! Pricing is very reasonable, too-- and there are both audit (cheaper) and 'full service' (teacher feedback) options.

    Here's Richard's letter with more info:


    We have recently launched an online community and online school for avid math students. This work is an extension of our earlier work on a pair of textbooks, the Art of Problem Solving, which are widely used by talented students. You’ll find on our site a message board, online problem solving classes, and other resources for strong math students. In our first few months, our community has gathered over 560 members from around the world, who have posted nearly 15000 articles. Members in our community have also participated in several Math Jams, which are online problem solving sessions. Membership in our community and participation in the Math Jams is free.

    Many of the students in our online school are homeschooled, as they turn to us for an extra challenge; therefore, I believe visitors to your site would find that our site has much to offer their homeschooled students.


    Richard Rusczyk

    Soccer programs in York PA area at The Blast

    The Blast is a sports facility in York PA that is now offering homeschool sports programs, starting with homeschool soccer instruction. This link takes you to the homepage for The Blast-- from there click on the sidebar link for 'Home School' and you'll find the info. Facilities such as this love offering special programming for homeschoolers, as we can come *during the school day* when they typically do not have as many people using the facility.

    Even if you are not in the York region, seeing what The Blast is offering could help you in trying to get a local sports facility to offer special programming for homeschoolers.

    Pro-Life Essay Contest in Pennsylvania

    This site has full info on the annual PA Pro-Life Essay Contest for students. Homeschoolers are very welcome to enter, and have often won awards in the state.

    Central PA Fieldtrip Site

    This new site will be a terrific help for those homeschoolers planning either family or group field trips to sites in Central PA. Well organized site groups field trip locations by subject categories (includng 'just for fun'!), gives lots of info right there, plus links to websites for each location. Neat 'extras' include a chart showing distances *between* all the sites, so you can better judge how long it might take you to get from place to place. Great help for families!

    Highly recommended!

    PHAA Core Courses for NCAA Eligibility

    Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency (PHAA) is recognized by the NCAA. As a result, PHAA graduates can easily get college athletic scholarships. Follow the link below for more information about the NCAA's academic eligibility requirements and about the core titles that future college athletes should use, as much as possible, on their PHAA transcripts.

    PA Homeschoolers Co-Ed Volleyball Tournaments

    PA Homeschoolers® sponsors two homeschoolers spring co-ed volleyball tournaments each year, one in central PA (Shippensburg) and one in western PA (Pittsburgh). Follow the link below to find about these tournaments.

    Sewickly YMCA Classes on Mondays for Homeschoolers

    We dedicate Mondays to Home School families. To see other Home School programs, check out our website:

    Thank you,

    Alan Ficca

    412-913-0798 - call at any time for information.

    Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College

    This week-long program is now in it's 22nd year, and involves intensive study of the Civil War. Students work with some of the finest Civil War scholars, take part in discussions and lectures, see related films, go on trips to the related sites in the Gettysburg region, and much more. This is part of a major program on the Civil War for 325 participants-- almost 30 of the spots are alloted to high school students, all on full scholarship. At least one PHAA student has taken part in this program-- and loved it! Open to high school juniors, who have had at least one comprehensive course in US history.

    Deadline for application is March 31.

    Gettysburg Address Essay Contest-- 7th & 8th graders

    This annual essay competition, sponsored by the Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania at Gettysburg College, encourages 7th and 8th grade students to think about what the Gettysburg Address means to them. Deadline March 30. Prizes include $100 cash award, plus a Gettysburg family vacation package for the annual anniversary ceremonies for the Gettysburg Address. Sample winning essays up on the website.

    Highly recommended!

    Dickinson College (PA) Summer Programs for high school students

    o We bring motivated and academically talented high school-aged students to campus for 5-weeks. We allow them to take a sneak-peak at what college is all about by taking real college classes with college students. Students learn, reside, dine, and socialize becoming a part of the college campus, all the while learning how to balance their studies and their social life. In addition to the tremendous personal and academic growth our students experience, this summer commitment enhances applications to competitive colleges.

    o Also, we offer a three-week Research & Writing Workshop for students working on senior projects, independent or home school projects, the IB extended essay, or other research projects. In our program students have an opportunity to learn how to do efficient and effective research, learn how to organize and present your findings successfully, learn how to defend your position and learn to deliver a polished presentation before an audience.

    o New this year is our Young Writer's Workshop! If a student is interested in poetry or fiction and is looking to improve their writing skills, this week-long program is just the thing. Students will study with accomplished writers to gain a better understanding of their own work by both careful reading and discussion of contemporary literature and by workshopping their own stories or poems.

    I want to share more information about our programs with you and the students that you serve. Please feel free to visit our website. The address is New this year to our web site is past participants & parents contact information. Feel free to contact any of those individuals to hear about their experience.

    Dickinson prides itself on engaging students, of all ages, in a useful education!

    I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

    Respectfully, Jennifer Howland

    Staff Associate Office of Summer Programs and International Admissions Dickinson College (717) 254-8782

    Point Park University summer classes

    Point Park College offers a full range of summer courses, with offering for middle schoolers, high schoolers, families, and one-day lunch&learn series for adults. Located right in downtown Pittsburgh PA. Check out their website for full details!

    Pauline Harding's Guide to Homeschooling in PA

    Pauline Harding has done a *masterful* job in creating a very thorough, easy to use, and comprehensive website about homeschooling in PA, with some special resources for those in the Southeastern region of the state. A must-see for those new to homeschooling in the state-- especially those who need info in a hurry! And lots of excellent ideas on all aspects of complying with the law.

    Highly recommended!

    Susan Richman, PA Homeschoolers

    Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School

    This cyber-charter school is set to enroll up to 1150 students from Kindergarten to grade 12 beginning with the 2004-2005 school year. The school's CEO will be James Hanak, who was once the chief administrator of the now defunct Einstein Academy. Like Einstein, it plans to feature much more interaction between students and online teachers than the other cyber-charter schools.

    Carnegie Mellon University Summer Programs

    Check out Carnegie Mellon University's many on-campus residential programs for high school students. Collectively known as 'Summer Programs for Diversity', students can choose from a range of college courses in math and sciences aimed at very bright high schoolers (APEA-- Advanced Placement Early Admission), or programs in the visual and performing arts, or a program for rising high school juniors and seniors aimed at reaching diverse students who may need an extra boost to be in line for competitive college admissions (SAT preparation, algebra tutorials, etc.). Students accepted for this 'Summer Academy for Mathematics & Sciences' aimed at helping diverse students is tuition free / no room and board fee-- students are only responsible for book fees.

    Check out the CMU website for full info and application materials.

    Taylor University "Head Start on College" program

    Taylor University, a well-known evangelical Christian university, has a well-designed comprehensive distance program open to high school juniors and seniors. Student get a tuition discount of $30 on each $180 course credit (so on a 3-credit college course a student would save $90). Homeschoolers are really being sought for these classes. Check out info on their easy to use and comprehensive website.

    Young Playwrights Contest

    City Theatre in Pittsburgh is sponsoring a Young Playwrights Contest that is open to any Western Pennsylvania student in grades 7 – 12. The deadline for submission is April 15, 2004. Winners will have their plays performed by professional actors during City Theatre's Young Playwrights Festival.

    Original student-written scripts are evaluated by at least two readers, and each playwright receives a written summary of the evaluators' comments, constructive criticism, and encouraging suggestions for continued revisions.

    PA Liquor Control Board Annual Poster Program

    The PA Liquor Control Board (PLCB) is again sponsoring their annual Alcohol Awareness Poster Program, designed to stop underage drinking. More and more homeschoolers are entering this excellent competition-- and winning awards at all levels! The Poster Program is educational and valuable-- as students design their posters, they not only learn about the dangers involved with underage drinking, they also identify the endless array of healthy, fun, and alcohol-free activities that encompass their world. Through their posters, students send important messages to their peers-- there are many alternatives to underage drinking; kids don't have to drink to have fun.

    Each year about 80 posters are selected for further recognition. Some designs are featured as posters, bookmarks, book covers, T-shirts, or on the Internet. Students whose posters are being reproduced in any format, will receive a $100 US Savings Bond and other selected winners will receive a $50 US Savings Bond. Deadline for submissions is April 30.

    The winning posters are always on display in Harrisburg in the Capitol Building-- usually *right* when PA Homeschoolers is sponsoring HOMESCHOOL EXCELLENCE DAY. We usually are then able to publicly recognize the winning homeschoolers!

    Penn State University 'Science Lions' Program-- coming to your gorup!

    The Penn State 'Science Lions' program is looking to work with homeschooling groups in their region and in wider parts of PA (free within 60 miles of PSU, fee for mileage for greater distances). This organization presents lively science demonstrations for groups in K-12, usually in schools.... but they think homeschoolers would also really enjoy what they do. This would be a terrific way to enrich your science program and let your kids meet some young people who love science and the questions raised by scientific discovery. Check them out at their website-- and let me know how your group likes the Science Lions (love that name!).

    Susan Richman

    Achievement House Charter School

    This cyber-charter school for high school students uses a computer-based public school curriculum similar to Alpha Omega's Switched on Schoolhouse as well as live online multimedia classes with whiteboards, audio chat and more.

    Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School (PDELA)

    This cyber-charter school is run by White Hat Management, the largest charter school operator in Ohio.

    Time Square Multiplication Game

    This is the game described in Issue #88 of PA Homeschoolers Newsletter, to help elementary children with learning more about multiplication in a strategic game format that really helps build thinking skills and understanding, rather than just rote learning of meaningless 'tables.' Great fun!

    Susan Richman, Editor, PA Homeschoolers

    PA Governors Schools-- 5-week residential programs

    We whole-heartedly recommend all of the Pennsylvania Governor's Schools summer programs. These 5-week residential programs, held on various PA college campuses offer programs in the arts, health care, science, information technology, teaching, international studies, international entrepreneurship, and agricultural sciences. Many homeschool students in PA have been admitted and have had very enriching experiences. All programs are full scholarship-- no expenses for the family other than transportation to and from the program. All the programs are open to students completing 11th grade, and some programs accept applications from students in 10th grade. Take a look!

    Susan Richman, PA Homeschoolers

    Center for Talented Youth-- Johns Hopkins Univ

    This site could have been listed in *many* different categories, as CTY offers such a range of possible services!

    This site will let you know about all the many services, classes, assessments, support information, one-day seminars throughout the year, distance courses, and 3-week summer programs held on college campuses, and more all available from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth. Many families with very bright children find that homeschooling is the best route to helping their kids enjoy learning and have the freedom to go beyond usual school drudgery work. Classes and support from CTY can be a big help in the endeavor.

    Homeschoolers in PA have taken part in all levels of the CTY program, and have found their approach very helpful and encouraging. CTY offers programs for young elementary students right through high school. Take a look!

    Susan Richman, PA Homeschoolers

    This unique site has lots of fun and engaging activities, puzzles, and even homework help for math and science. Lots of great enrichment activities-- something for all ages! If you thought math and science had to be drudgery, you haven't seen the incredible resources on this site.

    Susan Richman, PA Homeschoolers

    World Wide Homeschool

    This unique site lets you develop your own online courses for just your family, for your local or faraway homeschool friends. Homeschool mother from PA, Alison Weber, has really enjoyed all the neat options available here and feels it has really helped her homeschool program. I'm looking to use this to expand the homeschool Writing Club that I lead monthly here at our farm-- this will be a way that we can all stay in touch with the monthly assignment, and post work even if something comes up so a student can't actually attend.... and some students may only take part virtually.

    Lots of great possibilities here!

    Susan Richman, PA Homeschoolers

    Agora Cyber Charter School

    This cyber-charter school uses the K12 distance learning curriculum developed by Bill Bennett's K12 organization. It has a reputation for being more flexible than Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School, which uses the same curriculum.

    TeamTutor-- Serving Greater Philadelphia Region

    TeamTutor is a private tutoring company that offers tutoring right in a family's home, by PA certified teachers. The program can work with K-12 students, covering all subject areas. They also do work in helping students learn how to deal with test anxiety and test preparation. Though TeamTutor primarily works with public and private school students, they are eager to work with homeschoolers in their service area.

    TeamTutor has a helpful website describing their services, including a parents' online newsletter, resource links, a map of their service area, and more.

    This resource could be a great resource for families needing some assistance in a specific subject area. TeamTutor also offers a group Spanish class.

    Susan Richman, Editor PA Homeschoolers

    Crazy4Math-- terrific math site!!!

    This is my new favorite math website for families with elementary and middle school kids. They really want kids to find math meaningful and engaging, and do so by sponsoring a fun annual contest to get kids thinking about how they use math in their hobbies, for fun, in daily life activities, etc. They have lots of terrific math links, and also work with several main sponsors who've written really engaging math books-- both textbooks and just 'real' books. A must-see site if you want to help your kids stop groaning when you say it's math time!

    Very friendly to homeschoolers!

    Susan Richman

    Free online math games & activities-- TERRIFIC!!!

    I just happened upon this website today, while looking for some fun beginning math games for my little granddaughter SARAH, who is turning 6 tomorrow :-). I thought she´d especially like the site, as it has lots of animals on it, and she is VERY into learning about animals right now-- and this site is just *wonderful*, with a fuller range of excellent math activities than almost any similar site I´ve seen. Very easy to find the right level activities for your child, too, as it´s all laid out by grade level, and then in each grade level by topic. Really helps kids LEARN mathematical ideas rather than just quizzing them on ´facts´. Very colorful enaging graphics, too, making it attractive for today´s kids. Hope you all enjoy this one!

    Susan Richman, Editor, PA Homeschoolers

    The Admission Game

    This website is home of The Admission Game, run by Peter Van Buskirk, former Dean of Admissions at Franklin & Marshall College, and now private consultant and speaker on how to navigate the whole confusing college admissions process.

    Pennsylvania Homeschoolers is now carrying Peter's book, "Winning the Admission Game"-- see our Online Store to order.

    Family friendly advice that really helps students and parents see what is MOST important-- finding the best 'fit' for a particular student.

    Susan Richman

    Terrific Spelling program for those with real challenges--

    The organization AVKO (this stands for Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic.... that is, a multi-sensory approach to reading and spelling) has a wealth of free materials, essays and articles, and resources right at their website, as well as many print and e-publications and curricular materials to help people with reading, spelling, writing, and keyboarding challenges.

    Several families that I've evaluated who have children with severe spelling difficulties have found that materials in the AVKO 'Sequential Spelling' approach was the only thing that really seemed to help.

    AVKO was begun by a man who himself was dyslexic-- so he truly understands what children go through as they struggle with reading and spelling.

    AVKO offers a very reasonable membership service that you might want to take advantage of. Highly recommended site-- one I wish I'd had access to when my two sons struggled with spelling in their elementary and middle school years.

    Susan Richman-- PA Homeschoolers Editor

    The Book Warehouse-- lots of books, 30% discount everyday!

    The Reading Warehouse is a HUGE online bookstore that is exceptionally well-organized, with clear categories and sub-categories, and many ways to search for titles and authors and topics of interest. Many homeschoolers really appreciate their regular 30% discount on most books, and their shipping fees are very reasonable. This site does NOT carry any textbooks, but is filled with books for children and adults on all topics that will round out your homeschooling curriculum with 'real books'. And a company representative let me know that they carefully screen out any 'x-rated' titles, so you can feel comfortable searching on the site. A wide range of books on religious topics are on the site, including hundred and hundreds of books from the Christian and Jewish traditions. Lots for everyone!

    Susan Richman-- Editor, PA Homeschoolers

    This is a comprehensive and growing site, that will eventually have lots of articles on how to get started homeschooling, forums for parents to share problems and concerns and get advice, and more. A special feature is their free online PER-- Plan, Educate, Record online record-keeping system. Lots of good possibilities here. A national site.

    Susan Richman

    The Woodbury School-- Homeschool supplies and much more!

    This comprehensive website catalog, based in Arizona, is filled with many of the classic books on homeschooling, and curriculum programs in varied subject areas that homeschoolers have loved. The best part of the site is probably the wonderfully helpful introductions Pam Woodbury has written for each subject area covered in their online catalog-- she really gives you a feel for the possibilities in the field, and shares what has worked well with her own children. And I can vouch that Pam Woodbury is a wonderful teacher-- one of her older children is now in my AP US History online course, and is just a delightful and active student, and a truly wonderful writer.

    A great site-- comprehensive without overwhelming you with thousands of choices... Pam has just selected the *best* there is, giving you the tools to develop a great homeschool!

    Susan Richman, Editor PA Homeschoolers

    Annual PA Homeschool Music Festival! Organized by Lorie LaSala

    This is a top musical festival, now offering both choral and orchestral components-- it equals any regional or state music festival available to students in public schools. Lorie LaSala has been organizing this annual and growing event since the beginning, and new conductors and music leaders are brought in each year. A must for all interested in group music opportunities in the state!

    Susan Richman, Editor

    Online English Writing Classes led by a PA Homeschool Grad! Laurel

    Rebekah Wilhelm is a PHAA Grad from 2005, and a senior during the 2008-09 school year at Hillsdale College. She has been helping teaching writing to homeschool students online since 2005, working first under master teacher Debra Bell, and then branching out into her own course offerings.

    She offers a wide range of writing offerings, from one-on-one tutorials, to group classes of varying lengths, for students in middle and high school levels. This could be just what your child needs to really develop a love of writing and new levels of skill and appreciation for the craft.

    Our warmest congratulations to Rebekah for her work in this field!

    -- Susan Richman, Editor, Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

    Apple Pie for Homeschools-- Cassandra Frear's wonderful blog

    Veteran homeschooler Cassandra Frear opens her heart to share the really key core ideas to having a meaningful homeschooling experience. You'll come away from her daily blogsite feeling refreshed, renewed, reinvigorated-- and with new eyes to appreciate the small and wonderful things in our homeschooling adventures. She'll help you keep the 'big picture' in mind, while helping you notice the very special *small* blessings in your life as a homeschooler. A *must-see site*, highly recommended-- and this is NOT just another site listing 'resources' or telling you 'what curriculum to use.' This is a site to truly touch your heart. You'll feel like you just had a cup of tea and a piece of homemade apple pie with Cassandra-- so get ready to put your feet up for a few minutes each day and just enjoy. Just started in Spring 2009.

    --Susan Richman, Editor PA Homeschoolers

    Driver Education Online!

    This is a terrific brand-new program offered by the Duncan School of Driving in eastern PA. This online course is fully approved by the PA Department of Education for meeting the classroom portion of a Driver Education course, and can help many students meet insurance company requirements for lower rates. Take a look at the sample lesson to gain a feel for how this excellent program works-- I think you'll be impressed! Wish this had been available when I was helping my four kids learn to drive!

    Susan Richman, Editor, PA Homeschoolers