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Science Labs for homeschoolers and cyberschoolers-- check out Harrisburg University!
Kathy Ireland, 2/15/2010

Kathy Ireland is a longterm homeschooling and cyberschooling parent of two amazing daughters. Kathy has developed an especially positive relationship with Harrisburg University, a relatively new university that is especially interested in preparing students for current careers related to hi-tech fields and the sciences. HU has been very interested in working with homeschool and cyberschool students, including offering lab science classes. Many parents worry about how to 'do' lab sciences at home, without the needed equipment or personal expertise to guide learning-- if that's you, start looking at options like Harrisburg University. If you don't live near to Harrisburg, you might still want to take a look at this information, and share it with a college near to you who might be very interested in offering something similar. These types of programs are generally 'win-win' for the colleges, as this is a viable way to introduce their school to families who might eventually enroll fulltime. We'd be very interested in hearing from other homeschooling parents on how they've handled science lab work-- either at home or through co-op classes or at local colleges. Add your thoughts as a comment!

Last fall Harrisburg University of Science and Technology offered course INSC 051 – Introduction to Lab Sciences I – for the first time.   It’s a prerequisite for class INSC 052 – Introduction to Lab Sciences II - being offered this spring semester.  Both classes are designed specifically for high school students schooled-at-home, whether homeschooled or cyberschooled, and gives them lots of hands-on lab experience. 


Both of my kids are taking the class and really love it!   It is team-taught by 4 different professors and covers multiple science disciplines.

Here’s a short video about the class done by a local news station:   


(If the link doesn’t work, search YouTube for Harrisburg University, then look for the title ‘University Opens its labs to home schooled students.’)

Into to Lab Sciences I will be offered again next fall.    Students receive one college course credit for the class.   The University may also offer a physics/math lab class, but that hasn’t been finalized yet.

To be added to their mailing list to receive announcements, you can contact admissions at Admissions@HarrisburgU.edu or 717-901-5101. 

Comment by Monica, 2/18/2010:

I just sent a letter to Franklin and Marshall inquiring about any programs that they may offer, and giving them links to what Harrisburg University is offering.


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