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Participating on a team in the Lego Robotics competition
John Cahill, 6/20/2010

[7th grade John Cahill participated on the Beaver Botics, a mixed team of school kids and homeschooled kids that competed in Lego Robotics competitions during the 2009-2010 school year.]

Six weeks of robotics, building, programming, etc., happened to be the most fun I ever had in an educational project. Two times a week for two hours each day for six weeks we met before the final competition. I, with four other teammates, constructed three robots and wrote eight programs for our three robots to perform in the competition.

Sometimes it became a little stressful during the last week of preparation when some of our programs wouldn't cooperate with us, but the blast we had in the competition made up for that.

Overall we finished fourth out of twenty-six teams; our parade robot won first in the competition! That goes to show how well three Catholic private schoolers, and two homeschoolers did against public schoolers with about ten to twenty people on their teams.

My tem had a great time, and I want to encourage others who would be interested to find a team close by and have a great time while learning.

[Click here to find out more about Lego Robotics competitions.]


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