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Constituting America-- website and contest encouraging students to read the Federalist Papers
Susan Richman, 6/22/2010

Note from Susan Richman, Editor: I received this email from the 'Constituting America' program, which is sponsoring a special contest for students right now-- deadline in two weeks! Even if you don't have the time right now for taking part in the contest, do check out this great site on active reading of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers-- the site has an active 'blog' section, daily videos, and much more. I'm sure these resources will be very valuable all through the school year as you help your kids learn about our government and its foundations. Let us know if you take part!

Constituting America LogoSmall
Thomas Jefferson called The Federalist Papers
"the best commentary on the principles of government, which ever was written."
 Constituting America LogoSmall
Dear Fellow Patriots,
Howdy! This week we begin with Federalist No. 40 .
Just click on the link, give it a quick read, and let us know your thoughts here: Constituting America Blog!
We have about two weeks left for young people grades K-12 to submit their entries for the We the People 9.17 Contest!
Go to www.constitutingamerica.org to download rules, sign up online, and get more information!  There are great prizes including $2,000 scholarships for high school students, a trip to Philadelphia, and cool prizes for younger kids as well.
We hope to see you on the Constituting America website!

90 in 90 Logo

Check out Constituting America this week!  Join us for our 90 in 90 = 180: History Holds the Key to the Future - A National Conversational Blog and Reading of the U.S. Constitution and Federalist Papers .
Thomas Jefferson called the Federalist Papers, "The best commentary on the principles of government which ever was written."
Join us and find out why!!

Day 44 - Monday, June 21 - Blog on Federalist Paper #39, Read Federalist Paper #40
Day 45 - Tuesday, June 22 - Blog on Federalist Paper #40, Read Federalist Paper #41
Day 46 - Wednesday, June 23 Blog on Federalist Paper #41, Read Federalist Paper #42

Day 47 - Thursday, June 24 Blog on Federalist Paper #42, Read Federalist Paper #43

Day 48 - Friday, June 25 Blog on Federalist Paper #43, Read Federalist Paper #44

Day 49 - Monday, June 28 Blog on Federalist Paper #44, Read Federalist Paper #45

Day 50 - Tuesday, June 29 Blog on Federalist Paper #45, Read Federalist Paper #46 

We The People 9.17 Contest
Meet Juliette Turner, National Youth Director
Watch Juliette's Videos to learn more about the
We The People 9.17 Contest

Encourage the young people in your life to sign up online ASAP !

We need lots of cool short films, PSA's, songs, essays, poems and holiday cards to make the contest a success!! 
Details on:

 Constituting America LogoSmall
Please consider making a
financial contribution to Constituting America!
Updating our website with fresh content daily is expensive, and we want to expand our effort even more, but to do that, we need your help!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and encouragement!
Constituting America
P.O. Box 1988
Colleyville, Texas 76034
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Constituting America | P.O. Box 1988 | Colleyville | TX | 76034


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