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Help in Preparing for the SAT Essay -- Our Online Course!
Karen Boyd, 7/27/2010

Karen Boyd has been leading our PA Homeschoolers SAT Essay Prep class for a number of years, building on her work with her own two always-homeschooled children (now adults), and her many years serving as a home education program evaluator in Pennsylvania. She also served on the Board of Directors for PHAA (Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency) for many years, helping guide the organization right from the beginning and always giving wise counsel. I love Karen's 'email signature quote': "Writing is thinking on paper.” William Zinsser

Please consider registering your high school student for my four-week class on writing the SAT Essay.  This class helps students prepare for the  essay portion of the October SAT.  However, students who will be taking the SAT at future dates are welcome to join us.  


Students from coast to coast and from four continents have found this class to be helpful in many ways.   First, it provides practice and guidance in writing a timed essay.  Many students report that it helped them feel confident about taking the SAT. The class provides accountability and other people to comment on their writing.  While it focuses on the SAT Essay, many of the skills can be applied to other writing, such as the need for organization and a clear thesis.   Finally, the students learn to think about their own writing in new ways as they interact with the other students in the class. 


The class begins on September 6 and continues into the beginning of October.    The registration deadline is August 31.  The class requires a text book that is needed on the first day, so either register early and order from Pahomeschoolers ,or plan to buy your own copy before the class begins.


For more information go to "Online Classes" at the left and then “Online SAT classes.”  Thanks!


Comments from former students:


“This class was very helpful to me.  First of all, it made me sit down and actually practice writing essays.  Second, it was good to have someone read my essays, grade them, and tell me what was good and what was not.  Also, I liked seeing what the other students wrote, to see how I did in comparison.”


“I just want to say thank you to you, Mrs. Boyd, for teaching this class!  It helped me a lot, and now I feel much more confident for the SAT.  You spent a ton of time on this class, and it really helped me.  Thank you so much!”


“Yes, I definitely found this class helpful. If I had taken the SAT without taking this class, I would not have known what to expect, and I certainly would not have finished my essay in 25 minutes. The gradual increase of intensity in our class essays helped me to improve a little with each one. This class also helped me to realize that I probably will not get a 6 on the test, so I will be less shocked when my scores come back. =)”


Comments from parents of former students:


“I was very pleased with the class. I think it helped Layne's essay writing & also gave her some preparation for taking an online course in the future. I thought the website was well done & the format easy to follow.



“Thank you for leading this valuable class. Nikki has learned many writing strategies and techniques during the past weeks of SAT Prep.  Over the next two years she will continue to grow as a writer and be better prepared for the SAT test.  Thanks again and I hope Nikki will work with you in the future.” 


“Once again, I'm quite happy with our use of PA Homeschoolers to supplement and enrich our work at home.  Ben has quite a full schedule ....  I knew that he would be pressed to add in this on-line SAT essay class, but we both felt it was worth it.  This is his first time to sit for the SAT (for real) and he's putting in some good study time.  Thank you so much for all of your feedback and help.”


“... I want to compliment you on this SAT prep class. John says that he has found it to be tremendously helpful and he found the way you have the class set up to be very motivating.  I definitely felt that the class was worth the cost and I am hoping to review the class for the Fort Wayne homeschooling newsletter.” 


“I think this was a wonderful start for Bill. By that I mean, I liked the content, the accountability factors built in, and your comments...”



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