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Where Two (Or More) Are Gathered… Creative Arts & Learning Opportunities in Central PA!
Lindy & Philip Malin, 3/3/2011

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: I was delighted to hear from the Malins about their creative learning offerings-- they would love to reach out to the homeschooling communities with their special seminar activity learning days on a wide range of topics. Let us know how your day with Creative Consultants goes! These programs might be especially super to integrate into a regular homeschool co-op day.

Take two people whose diverse personalities are totally opposite, put them together in a room full of energetic, inquisitive children and what do you get? A recipe for chaos?   No—it’s Creative Consultants!

Malins Photo w Bflies.jpg

(And yes, those are *real* live butterflies-- the Malins do a program on learning about monarch butterflies!)

We are Lindy and Philip Malin, teachers, artists and educational consultants from Lancaster, PA. Lindy is organized, outgoing, practical; Philip is creative, quiet, innovative. Lindy helps groups of students achieve success together-- Philip encourages individual children to find their best work.  What a wonderful teaching pair!  Because we are so different, we can work with students of all ages, and stages. We love to teach children through adults, how to discover their God-given gifts and then maximize their talents. There is much to be learned from a stance of “a perpetual learner”!

As mentors at the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Excellence, we guided aspiring future teachers to take the leadership skills they learned in the classroom back to their communities all over PA. As participants in the interview and selection process of only 64 students, we met so many wonderful young people over our years!   Also, in our Saturday morning science labs with middle school Project Forward Leap participants, our motto and direction is, “A Gifted Education for Every Child”. we are also bi-yearly presenters of  seminars for Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 to give talented students a chance to pull out all the stops and explore their interests with equally enthusiastic adults.


We are extending an invitation to the home school community to offer our unique programs to your children. Students who participate with us learn to apply exciting new ideas onto concepts they already know. Then they get a chance to use their new tools to solve challenges they’ve never faced before.

That leap of creative thinking is called Transfer; it’s one of the highest forms of human learning, and yet almost any child can learn to do it, given the right environment! Learning to use tools you’ve already discovered to triumph over a situation you’ve never faced is one of the great human abilities.

That’s what we strive for in each of our workshops and courses, and in our classroom. When we design a new program, we always build into it opportunities for children of varied abilities to succeed. We incorporate many levels of learning, as well as allowing for different styles of learning. We want to make sure each student succeeds, and leaves us with several real examples of her success in her backpack!  We are also teacher teachers and so do seminars for advanced learning how to present materials to students of all ages.

Our  “workshops” are intense, hands-on learning opportunities, based on a specific theme, which include learning from multiple subject areas. For example, in Jewelry Making, we include history of the craft, scientific principles of the materials, artistic approaches to jewelry design, group interaction and discussion, precise measurement and construction (math!)  As past Montessori educators, we encompass a belief that each individual wants to learn at their own level so we provide expansive opportunities for everyone. 

Jewelry Making.jpg

Currently we present many of these programs through Lancaster-Lebanon IU13's Secondary Educational Enrichment (SEE) seminars for gifted students twice per year, as one- or two-day intensive workshops. However, we have enough material that any of these could be a full-length weekly course. We are seeking small groups of students to participate in our beyond-the-box, hands-on programs. We have a strong conviction that our unique classes would be a blessing to the home schooling community. Believing in the principles of home schooling and committed parent involvement, we look forward in excitement and joy to working with you!

Here are brief descriptions of some of our workshops:

Promote Own Business.jpg

Monarch Rescue.jpg

We also offer sign language, tai chi, music, traditional and digital art, photography, stress techniques, Photoshop, journaling for healing, and many other topics from our education background and community presented classes.. All of our courses are aligned with PA State Standards.  We also are willing to create a lesson you are seeking to develop out of your own insight and values. 
          As budgets tighten and resources for families shrink, tools to help create a climate where all students can thrive and grow become even more valuable. Exciting subjects that invite children to stretch themselves are vital tools in the homeschool teacher’s toolbox. Giving our children room to climb and unique avenues to explore provides them new horizons for success!

            We are excited to be a part of what you offering your talented students.

Thank You! Lindy and Philip Malin. M.Ed.


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