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Revolutionary War Era history tours.... Philadelphia area..... from a homeschool graduate!
Anthony Melita, 3/6/2011

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: I was so pleased to hear from Anthony Melita, a homeschool graduate who offers unique Revolutionary War Era history tours in the Philadelphia region. He's now reaching out to the homeschooling community to let them know of his service as a tour guide-- his website at www.revolutiontoursinc.com gives full information, including walking and driving tours of historic Philadelphia, Valley Forge, and area battlefields. This will be a wonderful way for homeschoolers to learn about PA and US history in an active way, full of vivid stories. 

     When I was a boy, the American Revolution fascinated me.  A flowering, passionate affair finding roots that vein into my earliest childhood ambitions.  Countless hours locked in careful study.  Mindful theorizing and the drive to understand this period has led to my unique perspective on our nation’s origin.  The path wasn’t always straightforward though, slinking its way back to an inconspicuous, but crucial, decision to homeschool.    

     That’s right.  I am a product of the homeschool culture.  From 3rd to 12th grade I was a part of this grassroots movement, a system that allowed me to grow both as a person and scholar. 

     As a child I was horrendously awkward in peer-related activities-- a flaw that needed to be addressed with an answer that homeschooling offered.  What I needed was a one-on-one student to teacher ratio, and an environment that would encourage self-confidence in an easy, unassuming atmosphere.  This was the most beneficial aspect of my experience.  The absolute need for peer interaction, an infamous platform of numerous homeschool opponents, was duly met with recreational sports and various youth programs. 

     I owe that homeschooling gave me a chance to focus, self-motivate, and develop my natural gifts and passions; facts that have transformed this timid, self-conscious child into a strong, independent orator.

     Flash forward nearly 20 years and you will find a self-aware and eloquent college-grad that spent 5 years in the National Park Service as a military historian and Interpretive Ranger at Valley Forge National Historical Park. 

      As a Ranger, I have seen tours from just about every spectrum-- from fair to complete rubbish.  A yawning chasm between what tours should be and what is available.  Within this very idea, Revolution Tours Inc. was created-- a tour company that not only guarantees accurate, current information, but told in an interesting, passionate way.

     “Who shall write the history of the American Revolution? Who can write it? Who will ever be able to write it", wrote John Adams in 1815 to Thomas Jefferson

     The American Revolution is the story of a people struggling to justify their right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  A complete and irrevocable movement that, according to John Adams, began in the hearts and minds of the people in 1760, 15 years before a drop of blood was shed on Lexington Common.  Why?  It’s our job to find out.

     We, as learned individuals have an overwhelming obligation to keep the sacred lessons of previous generations.  It is an uphill battle.  Most people are content to live within the collected memories of their own generation, a dangerous trend of social forgetfulness, resulting in the recycling of previous sins.  The criminality of prior generations can and will be repeated unless history is examined, and more importantly, its lessons applied.

     That’s exactly what Revolution Tours Inc. aims for, and firmly endorses.  Whether it’s a fieldtrip or in-house presentation, my company will deliver a slew of facts in interesting, easy-to-understand presentations that will leave your homeschooler mesmerized. To find out more please visit my website at www.revolutiontoursinc.com.


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