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Announcing AP Studio Art Scholarship Opportunities for 2011-2012!
Dianne Settino & Linus Meldrum, 4/18/2011

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: Linus Meldrum and Dianne Settino, the husband-and-wife team who lead both AP Studio Art: Drawing and AP Studio Art: 2D Design are announcing a scholarship opportunity for their 2011-2012 online courses. For full info on their course check their course descriptions here and also here. Dianne Settino has also written a wonderful article about what a year of AP Studio Art is like for students-- see this link to read it (and to enjoy more amazing drawings by their students!) Read on to learn how their unique AP Studio Art Scholarship opportunity works:

Image 1 Jessie SMALL Concentration.jpg

Ink wash design by Jessica Kusuma

AP 2D Design Scholarship Recipient 2010-2011

For each AP Studio Art course, when six students have officially registered, Ms. Settino and Mr.Meldrum give a drawing assignment to the group.  The resulting artwork is evaluated and the highest achieving student will receive a scholarship.  The scholarship is a monthly tuition reimbursement, less the course registration fee, paid directly to the student.  If the class registrations reach twelve students, a new assignment is given and the remaining eleven students will be evaluated for a second scholarship.  If enrollment reaches eighteen, the same process applies – the remaining 16 students can compete for a third scholarship.

Image 2 SMALL Liana Concentration.jpg

Ink wash drawing by Liana Caggeso

AP Drawing Scholarship Recipient 2010-2011

Early enrollment is the key; the first group of competitors is six, the second group is eleven.  However, students who do not receive a scholarship in the first round can compete in successive rounds.

AP Drawing and AP 2D Design provide preparation for the AP Studio Art Exam, which is the submission of three Portfolios. If you are interested in these exciting studio courses, please review the course descriptions at www.aphomeschoolers.com and follow the application instructions.

Image 3 SMALL Jessie Breadth 3 detail.jpg

Acrylic design by Jessica Kusuma

AP 2D Design Breadth Portfolio

Image 4 SMALL Liana Breadth 10.jpg

Acrylic Drawing by Liana Caggeso

AP Drawing Concentration Portfolio


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