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Homeschoolers invited to Grove City College-- special 1 hour performance of "A Visit with Marie Curie" Oct 11, 2011-- 1-2pm
Susan Richman // Libby Carbone, Grove City College, 9/22/2011

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: Grove City College in Western PA has always been so welcoming and interested in homeschoolers-- so I was delighted to get a phone call yesterday from Libby Carbone of GCC specifically inviting homeschooling groups and individual families to come to the special day they are having on October 11, 2011 to host this 'one-woman show' A Visit with Marie Curie. 

There will be a one-hour production aimed at 6th-12th grade students from 1-2:00pm on October 11, 2011, and later that evening there will be a two-hour more in-depth performance titled MANYA - The Living History of Marie Curie from 7-9:00pm. Both productions will be in the Pew Fine Arts Center on the southest part of the Grove City College campus. They would appreciate knowing in advance if you plan to come-- please email Libby Carbone at  caroneea1@gcc.edu. Both performances are free, but please reserve tickets in advance.  Call 724-458-3331 or email theatretickets@gcc.edu for the evening performance.

Libby sent me the following message about the program:

I hope many of your middle- and high-school students will be able to come to Grove City College for the 1:00 PM one-hour production, “A Visit with Marie Curie.”  The GCC Physics Department and Physics Club are partnering with our Theater Program and History Department to bring this exciting show to campus.  Ms. Frontczak, the artist who will portray Marie Curie, has performed as Curie all over the world, and we are thrilled to be able to host her production for our community.  

You can view an excerpt of Ms. Frontczak as Curie on YouTube -- this will help families know what to expect... and give any families (including those who live far away and won't be able to attend the performance) a chance to get a feel for the life of Marie Curie, and for how Ms. Frontczak went about preparing to portray her. 

Ms. Frontczak also makes available a very helpful free study guide for teacher and parents, to help students be well-prepared for the event, and to give ideas for follow-up activities afterwards. Click on this link to find and print out this comprehensive study guide PDF . 

I'd also suggest you check out www.storysmith.org, which is Susan Marie Frontczak's website-- you'll see she also does programs on several other important historical women. Might be inspiring for those interested in history and drama to consider a career like this! You can also see audience testimonials, read a detailed program description, and learn about Frontczak's own background. Here is an excerpt from the sectioin on the Marie Curie program: 

In dramatizing the life of Maria Skłodowska, Susan Marie pays homage to their shared Polish heritage. Susan, like Manya, enjoyed school, and promotes awareness that academic excellence can lead to outstanding achievement. Marie Curie's perseverance in purifying a grain of radium from a ton of pitchblende, in part, inspired Susan to major in Engineering, where she worked for fourteen years before pursuing full time writing and acting. Susan has always viewed both science and art as valid outlets for creativity. She believes that Marie Curie's inner complexity is not known, and deserves to be. It is her aim to reveal the human behind the scientist, while placing Marie Curie's life and accomplishments in a memorable historical context.

Perhaps you can use this event to also take a tour of the beautiful campus-- this is a very popular school with homeschoolers from all over the nation, and we have many PHAA homeschool graduates who attend GCC each year. Special thanks to Grove City College for inviting homeschoolers to this event! 


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