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Want a unique health assignment??? Have your kids take part in this PA contest to create a PSA against alcohol and drug use...
PA National Guard, 11/21/2011

Editor's Note from Susan: We all need to help our kids learn about varied health issues, including the dangers of alcohol and drug use. Some of you might want to look into this neat contest to help you do this. Let us know if your kids decide to enter! I was pleased that homeschoolers in PA were specifically invited to take part, too. One nice thing about many academic contests is that they often include free educational materials related to the theme of the program-- here's a link for the DrugFreePA curricular materials related to this contest, which could be interesting for families to look over even if your kids don't actually enter the competition. The materials focus on helping kids discern how advertizing media can try to influence their choices and decisions related to this issue. You can also find past winning public service announcements (PSA's) from this contest, on YouTube. If anyone has other ways they've found helpful in discussing this topic with your kids, do post below.  I'm sure for most of us, simply *modeling* an appropriate message is a main approach-- but having ways to have a more in-depth conversation is also a great idea.

The Pennsylvania National Guard Counterdrug Joint Task Force, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs and Drug Free Pennsylvania are launching, for the 5th year, a statewide contest designed to find highly creative middle and high school students.

The Sound Off: Pennsylvania's Drug Prevention Television/Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest will provide an opportunity for youth to send a positive message to their peers and communities that drugs and alcohol do not have to be part of their activities.

The contest is open to all public, private and home-educated Pennsylvania students in grades 6-12. If necessary, the winning team will professionally produce the PSA that will be aired on television or radio stations throughout the state. In addition, the winning team will have their PSA unveiled at their school during an assembly.

Both the Pennsylvania National Guard Counterdrug Joint Task Force and Drug Free Pennsylvania have programs available that provide lessons to help students and adults become more familiar with the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. The programs also teach students to become critical consumers of the media.

The PSA contest is a natural outgrowth of these courses of study; however, participation in the contest is not exclusive to the students who currently participate in one of these programs.

For more information about the contest, please visit us at:http://medialiteracypa.org/psa-contest/ 

All entries must be received by February 24, 2012. 


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