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Go on a PA Historical Markers Scavenger Hunt!!
Scott Doyle, PA Historical and Museum Commission, 1/8/2012

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: Learning about PA History just got even a bit more fun-- take a look at this new program from the PA Historical and Museum Commission, one of the sponsors of the terrific (and very complete and totally *free*) website Explore PA History. Don't keep PA History limited to a 'workbook' -- get out and truly explore our state! And take notice of those fascinating little blue signs all along our highways that give us a hint of the richness of our past-- and then learn the full story behind each one at the website! And do share below if you have favorite PA history sites you've visited with your homeschooled kids or support group. 
Dear Pennsylvania Homeschoolers:

We are offering a new educational program at the 2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show that may be a great way to make the event more interactive for your home school families.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) is sponsoring a Historical Marker Scavenger Hunt based on PHMC Historical Markers related to the history of Pennsylvania’s agriculture and food production.  PHMC is also promoting www.explorepahistory.com, an online resource developed by WITF, Central Pennsylvania’s public media organization, and PHMC that makes innovative use of the nearly 2,000 historical markers.  The website makes Pennsylvania and American history more exciting and available to public audiences, while providing educational resources for K-12 teacher and homeschoolers.

Please extend an invitation to your members to stop by the PHMC Marker Booth in the Family Living Section (Main Hall) at Farm Show to pick up Scavenger Hunt Booklets and information on www.explorepahistory.com.  Included below are overviews on both programs and a sample lesson plan related to the agricultural and rural life from the website.  We look forward to your participation on our new program.

Thank you for your interest and see you at the Show!

Scott Doyle
Grant and Marker Programs
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
(717) 783-6012

Do you like scavenger hunts? Want to learn more about Pennsylvania’s agricultural heritage? Discover what product launched the Heinz food company (and it’s not ketchup!) and other fun facts in PHMC’s Historical Marker Scavenger Hunt. Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and www.explorepahistory.com, this unique program lets students and families explore Pennsylvania’s agriculture and rural life in a fun, engaging way. Our special map and booklet will guide student detectives to replicas of PHMC Historical Markers throughout the complex. This is a great way to experience the Farm Show and learn about Pennsylvania’s history. To start your scavenger hunt, visit the PHMC booth in the Family Living section between 9 am and 8 pm.

Do your students need new fun and engaging lesson plans to learn about Pennsylvania’s agricultural and rural history?  If so, your search is over – just visit the Teach PA History section of www.explorepahistory.com!  There are over 100 lessons plans focused on Pennsylvania’s history and presented through PHMC’s historical markers, including seven lesson plans related to Pennsylvania’s agricultural and rural history.


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