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A new *student-run* website to help AP students-- started by students in our PA Homeschoolers AP Online classes!
Susan Richman, 7/23/2012

now-- and one very special blessing of this endeavor is to see the sense of community that many of the students find through learning together and supporting one another in these classes. Most classes are highly interactive, including ways for students to comment on one another's submitted work, read and get inspired by major projects, join in small study groups or online study times, work collaboratively during review times and for special activities, and much more. Kids become good friends with their fellow AP students-- and often choose their next year's classes based in part upon what their new AP friends will be taking. And it's a true delight each year to host our annual AP Party here at our farm in Western PA. 

Lots of our AP Online students from a variety of classes all getting together for our AP End-of-Year Party we hold at our farm in Kittanning PA every Memorial Day Weekend-- this is Shabbat Dinner in our barn! 

In this spirit, I was delighted to receive the following email from one of our AP Online students this spring, sharing about the new open-to-the-public website, called STUDI, that she and several AP course friends had developed: 

I am a student in PA Homeschooler’s AP English Language and Composition class (one of the best classes I have ever taken!).  I recently spoke with Mrs. Inspecktor about a website called STUDI that I and a few other students from other PA homeschooler classes started, and she suggested that I pass the information on to you. 

Just over a year ago, five other Pa Homeschooler Advanced Placement students and myself  realized that we needed a place that we could all connect and come together to discuss, socialize, and support each other. I’m sure, as you know, for homeschoolers, taking AP classes can be a lonely endeavor.  Basically, we needed something so that we could support each other, even while being thousands of miles away. 

We decided to begin a website called Students Thoroughly Understanding Difficult ideas, STUDI.  Here we created individual wikis for 16 of the AP’s that College Board offers, as well as 6 subject specific sites. 

Over the past year, STUDI remained it its beta form.  Recently, we took it live and announced it on the Well-Trained Mind boards in a brief post.  The post was met with a great response—we received views from 185 people, including several international. 

PA Homeschoolers has brought us all together and we are hoping that there would be interest in partnering with us in spreading the word of this support group.  We currently have 16 AP message boards, 6 subject specific message boards, as well as 2 general support groups.  We also recently added a Mom’s support group due to several requests.  If possible, could you create a link from your site to STUDI? 

Thank you so much for the consideration of this request.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Brianna Wronko, Chair of STUDI; for the Founders of STUDI  

We applaud these wonderful students for taking the initiative to develop this community online to help other students who are either taking AP online classes or who might be self-studying for an AP exam or SAT Subject Test. Hope you take a look and join in their many Forums and school-year study groups.   

Know that homeschoolers studying difficult subjects, or preparing for top academic contests, have lots of helps available to them-- and this new website is one more great opportunity! 

Thanks to all the founders of STUDI for creating a wonderful new resource for homeschooling students! 

That's me (Susan Richman) in the red blouse with a group of my AP US History students at the AP Party-- students came from CA, GA, PA, NJ, CT, VA and more! 



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