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Are your kids curious about investing? Here's a great help-- created by a homeschool graduate!
John Pilch, PHAA grad 2011... developer of investment curriculum!, 5/1/2013

Editor's Note from Susan:  I was delighted to meet John Pilch at the recent Greater Pittsburgh Homeschool Workshop. He was staffing a vendor table with a curriculum on investing-- I wondered if he was the developer.... or maybe was just helping a parent. I was very grateful to hear he had indeed created this helpful course to let students learn about the stock market and strategies for investing-- and was even happier to find out he was a 2011 PA Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency graduate, and that he began investing in the stock market himself when just 15! He's now a student at Penn State University in the Smeal College of Business. Neat to see homeschool grads really moving into their fields of interest, AND to see them working to give back to the homeschool community in unique ways by sharing their growing expertise. Thanks, John-- and best wishes on your www.2Young2Invest.com website! 

The more one learns about the power of investing, the more he realizes the importance of starting early. Benjamin Graham, a famous investor of the 20th century wrote, “There is a great advantage for the young capitalist to begin his financial education and experience early. If he is going to operate as an aggressive investor he is certain to make some mistakes and to take some losses. Youth can stand these disappointments and profit by them.”


 john pilch.png

Fundamentals of Investing in the Stock Market is an introductory curriculum that examines the basics of investing and of the stock market using examples, illustrations, case studies, and exercises. It is designed for students interested in business or for students who desire to manage their personal finances effectively. Ideally, the course will instill in students a passion for investing that inspires them to not only benefit from and enjoy the course, but also to continue to develop their financial aptitude far into the future.

After developing and leading a well-regarded introductory course on investing in the stock market to a homeschooling co-op, I developed the curriculum which attempts to answer some of the most basic questions one might ask about the stock market: What is the stock market and why does it exist? How do investors choose the right stocks in which to invest? How do investors analyze financial information to determine whether or not to invest in a company? Following the course, one student remarked, “I really enjoyed John’s class. He took something as seemingly complicated as the stock market, and boiled down the concepts to something that even a middle-schooler could understand.”

The 8-week course is designed for homeschooled middle- and high-school students and requires only the purchase of the text and the accompanying book, The New Buffettology by Mary Buffett and David Clark. The materials can be purchased separately or as a bundle from the website; a portion of proceeds are donated to the Foundation for Financial Literacy, a foundation whose goal is to educate and support financial education programs in the U.S. If you would like to review selections from the course, send an inquiry, or purchase the curriculum, please visit www.2young2invest.com or email john@2young2invest.com for more information.


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